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ACT 2020 Featured Capstone:

Inside Power: Cultivating Compassion at Gap, Inc.

Breana Teubner

Head of Strategy & Operations, Banana Republic

Compassionate Systems in Corporations



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Describe Your Capstone Project. 

The goal of my work was to shift perspectives of what cultivating compassion looks like in the corporate world. I developed and facilitated a workshop titled The Inside Power: Cultivating Self-Compassion for 20 people inside of Gap Inc. The workshop focused on 1) an overview of why leaders with EQ are needed in the new business landscape, 2) direct experience exercises, building a muscle of awareness of the present moment, 3) embodiment through breath, and then 4) establishing a 30-day daily practice of self-compassion. I measured the participant's awareness, practice, and overall well-being before and then 30-days after the workshop. The results will be compiled the first week of September. After the workshop, I was invited to give a talk on compassion to all of Gap Inc!


Lastly, when I told a mentor about my work, she invited me to write an article for a professional newsletter she sends out. I wrote about the importance of practicing self-compassion and rejuvenation to be able to be an effective corporate leader.

Describe Its Impact.

 I received wonderful feedback from many of the participants. One said "I can't wait to see what your work blooms into, its going to be industry (and beyond) shifting...this work is seismic! I will receive the official data on the 30-day practice soon.

How has the ACT Program helped you become an Ambassador of Compassion?

My capstone project provided the discipline and support I needed to bring the workshop I designed and facilitated for my colleagues at Gap Inc. to life.

What advice would you give to someone who's considering registering for the ACT Program?

Participating in the ACT is truly a story of 'becoming.' The focus on direct experience and building a muscle of compassion was the catalyst for me to become the change I want to see in the world. Practicing that, getting feedback, and teaching others through my capstone project continues to expand what's possible in my mind.


Be the change!

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