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Applied Compassion Capstone Projects 

A defining component of the ACT program is the creation and delivery of an Applied Compassion Capstone Project. Each participant is supported, using the principles and practices of the training, to design and deliver a project that brings compassion into their unique real-world setting.  This could be a classroom, an office, a health care system, or a community of which they are a part. Here are some of the inspiring Capstone Projects from this year's ACT participants who are bringing compassion into the world in powerful ways.

ACT 2020 Featured Capstone Projects 

City view

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our inner space: 

Medellin, Colombia 

training for volunteers, 

facilitators and

the community they Serve

Inside Power

Cultivating Compassion at the gap, inc.



Emercency Room

Physician Burnout

Deepening compassion through mindfulness

art engagement

Alandou_portrait (2019_05_24 17_48_51 UT

"The ACT faculty, training, teachings, the wonderful projects, and my cohort were the push I needed to spread compassion."

Sandra Sanabria Bohórquez, Scientist, Genetech

"I became the change I wanted to see in the world." 

Breana Teubner, Head of Strategy and Operations, Banana Republic

"I've learned to embody compassion and better care for my patients, my colleagues and myself."

Al'ai Alvarez, MD,  Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Program Chair, EM, Stanford University School of Medicine

"ACT helped me become

an Ambassador of Applied Compassion by reminding

and teaching me the necessity of action." Nelly Alandou, Painter

City view

The Corona Compassion Community

in the Netherlands


"The ACT Training prepared me to become a force for embodying compassion and applying it in real-world situations."

Barbara Piper-Roelofs, MA

Founder, BeRooted, The Lead Academy within the Institute for Positive Health in The Netherlands

Building Resilience

scientists at Stanford navigating stress


Distributed in 26

languages in 26 countries 


"ACT helped me get out of my comfort zone and explore new ways to help others. Learning by doing is key."

Antoine de Morree, PhD, Instructor Stanford University

Sue Shaffer 2.JPG

"The compassionate teachers who provide guidelines, teachings and encouragement enables one to birth a Capstone project that reaches individuals, communities, and the world!" Sue Linville Shaffer, Ed.D, LMFT

Compassion Break


Public Service

Alena Skrbkova.jpeg

"My Capstone Project has brought me immense personal and professional satisfaction from seeing a small seed grow and even bear fruit in a truly short time.”Alena Skrbkova, Organizational Psychologist

City Scape

The Overlooked Participant:

Specialized Bereavement Assisted Suicide

A Compassionate Approach

to work life balance

ratnesh 3-2.jpg

"The ACT program and being an Ambassador 

required me to actively seek out opportunities and take an active role in being a facilitator and leader." Ratnesh Sharma, IT Leader


"ACT gave me hope for a better world. Our cohort is a diverse global village with a common desire to elevate humanity through

caring, compassion, and presence." 

Dr. Leslie Jane Aspis

Victoria Amazonica

A Bilingual Podcast

The Center for Compassion and Altruism

at the texas medical ctr.


"ACT challenged me to think differently and my creative river has found a bed." Lina Cuartas, Author, Artist, Colombia, Brasil, Peru, Amazon Rainforest

Gaylynn Thomas (1).jpg

"I'm now able to show that compassion creates a better work environment and proven significant health benefits.

- Gaylynn Thomas, RN, BSN, Entrepreneur, Director of Business Development, TMCx

Glass Buildings

Join our community

of ambassadors WHO ARE changing the world! 

ACT 2020 Celebrated Alumni

and Capstone Projects 

City view

Fire Work

Compassionate Action

in Response to Current Events

Masen Ewald Photo.png

"I feel prepared, comfortable, qualified and energized to step forward as a leader of compassion. I'm incredibly grateful for this!" 

Masen Ewald

Compassionate Coaching

With individual Clients

Adrienne Kernan.jpg

"In helping my clients move forward, my own life was changed for the better."

 -Adrienne Kernan, RN 

Compassion for

Cancer Survivors


"The capstone project pushed me to put my experience and knowledge out there and share it with others." Amy Jue Wang

Activate Leader



"This training deepened my understanding of what compassion is and opened a new perspective into what I'm capable of." 

-  Chantal Paulson, CEO


Compassion Mountain

workshops with Seniors



 Mindfulness & Food 

Self-Compassion Training

for people with diabetes 

Leading with Compassion 

Creating an innovative

and thriving workplace


"I am forever changed by ACT! The trainings, the resources and the guest speakers have been invaluable. What a wealth of knowledge and expertise!"

Barbara King, Yoga and Meditation Teacher


"I have the choice and voice to share compassion with the world!"

Bryan Lian MS RD CEDRD-S


"My Capstone Project gave me a profound opportunity to deepen my own compassion practices and embody them

in the world."

Brooke Cassoff


"Discovering how to embody the principles of compassion

helped me to model and encourage compassionate behavior in the workplace." 

-Eli Bauer

city buildings

Compassionate conversations 

De-escalating Conflict


"I am finally doing exactly what I’ve been searching and training for most of my life. I am most excited and grateful that I was able to participate in ACT!" 

-Vivienne Gabrielle Antal

Compassion Talks:

Self-Care and

Social Work


"Applying Compassion in the workplace, for loved ones, for strangers, for the sake of humanity is a heart-filled mission."

LaShelle Natsuko Burch, LCSW

Compassion Practices for Emerging Leaders


"Being in this program has helped me to feel I'm a part of a community of like-minded people. In short, I feel less alone, which is life changing." Daisy Swan

Applied Compassion Trainings 2020


"ACT allowed me to fortify

my compassion, deepen my knowledge and learn more tools and practices. I’ve become a more confident, loving and empowered Ambassador of Compassion" 

-Tom Fandre

Dubai City View

Volunteers in Medicine bringing compassion into

a free healthcare clinic


"The ACA Capstone Project has helped me to appreciate the basic principles of compassion. Compassion is now a primary filter of my personal experience.

-  Gard Jameson

Applying Compassion To Retrouvaille Couples

Love in the Time

of Covid

Online workshops

Adriana_5_WEB (1).jpg

"I learned how to be a compassionate leader."

Adriana Medeiros,

  Executive Director CafeKind


"By learning to love and heal ourselves first, we can love and heal our spouse. Through ACT I've made friendships that will last the rest of my life, priceless!" Eliana Reeves

Compassionate Listening

community support through listening

Nina Mesina GroupNYM.JPG

"I am now able to apply my training as an Ambassador of Compassion allowing me to view the world and others through a clearer more loving lens." 

Nina Y. Mesina

New York City

Us, Them and Me

increasing our circle of

"us" within healthcare

Elena Jensen Photo 2020.jpg

"My eyes have been opened to endless opportunities to impact, influence, and inspire others to embody compassion. There is no compassion without action!"

Elena Jensen

The Connection Cure: Compassion through community

Mindful Compassion

While Living

With Cancer

Lisa Grossman photo (ACA) .jpg

"I've experienced the power of opening our circles of belonging, creating brave space for vulnerable connection and reciprocity with and between others.

Lisa Daron Grossman

"I've become more open-hearted and full of gratitude for the opportunity to share compassion with my


Karen A. Mott, BSN, RN, OCN

Developing Compassion-based Mindfulness


"Wow! This has been the most uplifting course of my life! It has helped me to challenge the way I live my life. I am finding my courage to be ready and willing to act."

Dr. Maureen Wilks, Author, and Professor

City view

Compassion with Colleagues

1805 - Pic.jpg

"This program has given me the framework to launch a consulting business. I’m truly inspired and grateful." 

Marisa Lascher

Compassionate Leadership in Action


"The ACA Capstone Project pushed me to learn more, experience more, and distill more to create a product that would help others in need."

Danna Hoshino

Contemplating Peace and Social Justice

Donna McInnis 2 she likes better.jpg

"Neelama, Monica, and Robert's way of guiding and facilitating has inspired me as a practitioner and as a teacher, but more than that, as a human being." 

Donna J. McInnis

Guiding High School Students in Mindfulness 


"This project has helped me become an Ambassador of Compassion. It provided the opportunity to turn my dreams into action!

Liya Bromberg

Old City Jerusalem

The Serenity Lounge

online connection


"Participating in ACT has allowed me to see our shared humanity."

Andrea Ayala Roche

Thought Virus:

Self-Worth, Worthiness

and Unworthiness


"My capstone project allowed me to dive deeper and explore the concept of worthiness and unworthiness as the greatest stumbling block to compassion."

Gabriele Hilberg,Ph.D., MFT


Humility Blog

NYC (3).jpg

"My Capstone Project was a personal journey into the exploration of compassion. I grew as the blog grew and was able to fully grasp and embody the principles of compassion."

Luan M. Wilfong

A Compassionate Response to COVID-19

Lee headshot .jpeg

"My intention with ACA was to embody compassion in all aspects of my life. Now I feel honored to spread the love.

-Lee Elizabeth Sowles

City View

Self Compassion

for Healthcare Providers 

Cultivating Mindfulness and Compassion in Design Higher Education

The Serenity Lounge

Are You A Considerate Supervisor?

Lynn Chiarello.jpg

"ACT has profoundly changed my life. I see my project and role as an Ambassador of Compassion as the pebble dropped in a pond, creating ripples of opportunity for self compassion principles to be shared." -Lynn Chiarello

Christina Worsing.jpg

"I found a little corner of the world that knows how essential, transformative and impactful compassion is. I felt the ease and creativity to put the practice back into the world without doubt or hesitation. This course was the perfect fit for where I am in my life." 

-Christina Worsing


"ACT is an enriching journey

of growth and transformation. The family-like affinity I feel towards my cohort members

is truly extraordinary." 

-Christina Tan

Bio Pic.jpg

"This training has transformed my approach to disruptive behavior in the workplace. To focus on applied compassion is to build a better culture at work. I designed a capstone aligned with my life’s intentions.” 

- Michelle Carlstrom

City view


in Action

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living


"My capstone project moved me into action. The ACT training has shown me that compassion can happen everyday in small amounts, and that compassion IS unconditional!

Isabel Vega Montilla


"This program will introduce you to a welcoming community of likeminded professionals

that you can learn from, collaborate with, and grow alongside as you make your journey into the arena of becoming an Ambassador of Applied Compassion.

Yvonne Tally

Author, Inspirational Speaker

Glass Buildings

Are You Ready to Be an Ambassador

of Applied Compassion?

BRA_2016_Fortaleza_Nurse_Patricia Meirel

Be the change!

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