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Upcoming Events

Applied Compassion is Changing the World
Thursday October 19th
5:00-7:00pm Pacific

join dr. james doty, founder and director of ccare at stanford, together
with the act co-founders, participants, and alumni for an opportunity to:

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  • Learn about the ACT Program at CCARE Stanford

  • Hear the impact of Applied Compassion across industries, organizations, and communities around the globe

  • Find out how delivering an Applied Compassion Capstone Project transformed ACT Participants personally and professionally

  • Discover how the ACT Program helps people take their ideas of compassion and turn them into real-world action!

Past Events & Recordings

City Scape
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Experience act

An interactive journey into the power and potential of Applied Compassion.

Applied Compassion is one important solution to the problems we face as a human species.


In this 90-minute experiential session, you will:


  • Learn about the importance of Applied Compassion with Dr. James Doty, Founder of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University


  • Meet the Founders of ACT at CCARE | Stanford University


  • Experience a compassion-based practice designed to increase understanding of our common humanity and bridge differences


  • Engage in an interactive process of Applied Compassion


  • Understand more about CCARE's ACT Program


  • Discover the impact of Applied Compassion around the globe

Cultivating Compassion during times of crisis

and uncertainty

A free online public event with Dr. James Doty, Founder and Director of CCARE at Stanford University together with the founders of the Applied Compassion Training at Stanford.

This Webinar Contains:

  • A brief centering practice to awaken compassion


  • A conversation with Dr. James Doty: Compassion in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty


  • Q & A session

  • Candle-lighting Meditation: Shining Your Light of Compassion

CCARE_Logo High Res.png
CCARE_Logo High Res.png

Applied Compassion is Changing the World​


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