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Upcoming Events

ACT 2023 Graduate Showcase Event​
Saturday November 4th, 2023 | 12:00-3:00pm Pacific Time

CCARE Stanford is proud to host the 2023 Applied Compassion Training (ACT) Graduate Showcase event!  Please join us for this virtual conference designed to spotlight the ACT 2023 graduates and their Applied Compassion Projects.

During this event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to discover how people are applying compassion in organizations, institutions, and communities around the world 🌎🌏🌍

This showcase event will feature the Co-Founders of the ACT program, 90 ACT 2023 graduates from 20 countries around the world, together with James R. Doty, MD | Founder and Director of CCARE at Stanford.

Graduates of the ACT program apply the principles and practices of compassion to address challenges and bring about transformation across settings worldwide. This virtual conference will give you a window into a number of these compassion projects and the profound impact  that is happening as a result.

Join us and discover how Applied Compassion Capstone Projects are being applied around the world in the following areas:


Education | Healthcare | Business | Leadership | Coaching & Consulting | Wellness

Nonprofit |Government | Social Issues | Community | Law/Legal | Caregiving | Parenting


You’ll leave feeling inspired by the breadth and reach of our Ambassadors of Compassion and their creative capacity to transform what they’ve learned into creating a more compassionate world.

Past Events & Recordings

City Scape

Applied Compassion is Changing the World
Thursday October 19th
5:00-7:00pm Pacific

join dr. james doty, founder and director of ccare at stanford, together
with the act co-founders, participants, and alumni for an opportunity to:

CCARE_Logo High Res.png


  • Learn about the ACT Program at CCARE Stanford

  • Hear the impact of Applied Compassion across industries, organizations, and communities around the globe

  • Find out how delivering an Applied Compassion Capstone Project transformed ACT Participants personally and professionally

  • Discover how the ACT Program helps people take their ideas of compassion and turn them into real-world action!

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Experience act

An interactive journey into the power and potential of Applied Compassion.

Applied Compassion is one important solution to the problems we face as a human species.


In this 90-minute experiential session, you will:


  • Learn about the importance of Applied Compassion with Dr. James Doty, Founder of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University


  • Meet the Founders of ACT at CCARE | Stanford University


  • Experience a compassion-based practice designed to increase understanding of our common humanity and bridge differences


  • Engage in an interactive process of Applied Compassion


  • Understand more about CCARE's ACT Program


  • Discover the impact of Applied Compassion around the globe

Cultivating Compassion during times of crisis

and uncertainty

A free online public event with Dr. James Doty, Founder and Director of CCARE at Stanford University together with the founders of the Applied Compassion Training at Stanford.

This Webinar Contains:

  • A brief centering practice to awaken compassion


  • A conversation with Dr. James Doty: Compassion in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty


  • Q & A session

  • Candle-lighting Meditation: Shining Your Light of Compassion

CCARE_Logo High Res.png
CCARE_Logo High Res.png

Applied Compassion is Changing the World​


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