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On behalf of CCARE at Stanford University, I am thrilled to announce a much needed offering in the world of compassion!


Our 11-month Applied Compassion Training (ACT) will equip you with the skill-set you need to become an exemplar of compassion in real-world settings. This is a must-take training that addresses our need for an applied compassionate response to a broad spectrum of issues that we face as a global family.


Graduates of this program are changing the world!"


Dr. James Doty

founder & director of stanford university
center for compassion and altrusim research
and education (CCARE).

Do you have a calling to bring compassion into the world? 

registration for act 2023 is closed!

If you're interested in ACT and would like to speak to a faculty member, click HERE

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act at ccare stanford university

If you're interested in ACT and would like to speak to a faculty member, click HERE

An 11-month high-touch, experiential training in Applied Compassion

A foundation of the ACT training is the experiential processes and practices of Applied Compassion.


A Global Community of Compassion

ACT is a highly-engaged community that comes together regularly in-person online over the  course of the 11-month program. 

Three Immersive Retreats (3-days) in January, July, and November 2023


ACT Mentoring Program (includes a mentoring group, a small team and 1:1 mentoring)

  • Each participant in ACT is part of a smaller mentoring group that meets monthly with an ACT Director

  • Each participant is part of a Capstone Team that contributes to the design and development of the individual's Capstone Project​

  • Each participant has a personal 1:1 ACT mentor


Monthly Teaching Modules (dates and topics below)

Monthly Practice Modules (dates and topics below)

An Applied Compassion Capstone Project: Making a Difference in the World! 

A defining component of the ACT program is the creation and delivery of an Applied Compassion Capstone Project. Each participant is supported, using the principles and practices of the training, to design and deliver a project that brings compassion into their unique real-world setting.  This could be a classroom, an office, a health care system, or a community of which they are a part. Capstone Projects come in all different sizes and shapes. In ACT, every Capstone Project is valued and makes a difference in the world! 











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ACT program fees & organizational funding

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ACT 2023 program schedule

Virtual Immersion Retreat #1 

Becoming an Ambassador of Applied Compassion ©

(Live Online Participation Required)

January 20-22, 2023 

Friday: 9:00am-3:30pm Pacific Time Zone 

Saturday: 9:00am-3:30pm Pacific Time Zone

Sunday: 9:00am-1:30pm Pacific Time Zone


ACT 2023 Monthly Teaching Modules

(Live Online Participation Encouraged)

The First Thursday of each month

5:00pm - 7:00pm in the Pacific Time Zone​

February 2nd : Mindfulness in the Service of Compassion © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder

March 2nd : Triggers: A Skillful Recognition and Response © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

April 6th: Resiliency and Compassion © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

May 4th: Designing Systems that are Compassionate © with Dr. Monica Worline   

June 1st: Compassionate Forgiveness © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

August 10th:  The Neuroscience of Compassion ©  with Dr. James Doty

September 7th: Compassionate Action in the World © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder  

October 5th: Harvesting the Gems © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

ACT 2023 Monthly Practice Modules

(Live Online Participation Encouraged)

Once a month on Fridays 

10:00am - 12:00pm in the Pacific Time Zone​

These are monthly sessions designed to allow for in-depth experiential practice within the ACT community. Each practice module deepens the content from the monthly teaching module.

February 10th : Mindfulness Practice Module © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder

March 10th : Triggers Practice Module © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

April 14th: Resiliency Practice Module © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

May 12th: Designing Systems Practice Module © with ACT Founders

June 16th: Forgiveness Practice Module © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

September 15th: Compassionate Action Practice Module © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder  

October 13th: Harvesting the Gems Practice Module © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

Group Mentoring Sessions Monthly 

(Live Online Participation Required)

These are smaller groups that meet online monthly with one of the ACT Founders via Zoom.  You will have the opportunity to sign up for a monthly session that is best suited to your schedule and time zone.


Virtual Immersion Retreat #2 

Compassionate Coaching, Communication & Facilitation ©

(Live Online Participation Required)

July 7-9, 2023 

Friday: 9:00am-3:30pm Pacific Time Zone 

Saturday: 9:00am-3:30pm Pacific Time Zone

Sunday: 9:00am-1:30pm Pacific Time Zone


Compassion Labs & Sessions for ACT Community (current ACT Participants & Alumni) 

(Participation Optional)

Dates TBA

There are ongoing opportunities to engage with the current ACT community of participants as well as our Alumni. We offer a variety of optional sessions throughout the program tailored to content that is relevant to our community and world at the time.

Sessions include topics like: Empathic Distress, Compassion when there's an Imbalance of Power, and The Intersection of Compassion & Spirituality 

Virtual Immersion Retreat #3 

Applied Compassion in Action, Capstone Presentations and Certification Ceremony ©

(Live Online Participation Required)

November 3-5, 2023 

Friday: 9:00am-3:30pm Pacific Time Zone 

Saturday: 9:00am-3:30pm Pacific Time Zone

Sunday: 9:00am-2:00pm Pacific Time Zone

Is ACT for me? Please visit our program requirements page to learn if ACT is a good fit for you HERE

ACT Program Fees $8995 USD (payment plan available)

Organizational Funding for ACT

Because ACT is a personal and professional development program, some participants secure funding or reimbursement from their organizations, institutions, or communities.


To support you in making this request of your organization, we’ve developed an informational packet designed for decision-makers.


Download the Support for Organizational Funding Packet HERE

  • ACT is a Global Program: People from 40 + countries have participated ​

  • 98.4% of Participants Complete the Program 

  • 98% of Participants said their participation in ACT resulted in positive changes in their professional and personal life 

  • 97% of Participants said their Capstone Project enabled them to apply compassion in real-time in their targeted settings 

  • Participants in ACT come from organizations like Google, Yale University, Salesforce, Stanford Hospital, VMware, AstraZeneca, Netcare, AmeriCorps, Genentech, The European Commission, Texas Medical Center, and more!

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"Being a part of ACT has been a life-changing experience for me, and the best part has been meeting people from all over the world with the same intention to be ambassadors of compassion in so many different spheres."

Dr. Pitsi Kewana
Clinician Engagement Manager
Johannesburg, South Africa

Headshot (3).jpg

"My ACT Capstone Project allowed me to tap deeply into my own history and heart to understand the ways I’m uniquely situated to benefit my community. It required me to move beyond ideas about compassion to embodied, relational practice."

David Hlebain, MSW
Seattle, Washington, USA

City Scape

"The ACT faculty, training, teachings, the wonderful projects, and my cohort were the push I needed to spread compassion."

Sandra Sanabria Bohórquez


"I've learned to embody compassion and better care for my patients, my colleagues and myself."

Al'ai Alvarez, MD,  
Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Program Chair, EM, Stanford University
School of Medicine


“ACT is the best personal and professional development program

I have experienced.”  

Jeff Jacobs,
Organizational Effectiveness



Daillen Culver 
Co-Founder of BeDo  Edinburgh, Scotland

"Wow, my Capstone Project really pushed me to walk the walk. My own understanding of compassion has evolved, grown, and been enriched by the perspectives of my ACT colleagues."


Sharee Johnson
Psychologist, Coach
Meditation Teacher & Author

Victoria, Australia

The capstone project helped me develop a compassion workshop specifically focused on self care for doctors who feel burned out, anxious or under pressure. ACT has encouraged me to keep generating experiments that apply compassion and notice the impact." 

Matron _edited_edited.jpg

"My Capstone Project allowed me to forgive those who have hurt me in the past and to move forward. It gave me the opportunity to develop a better relationship with my staff and myself."

Sarah. C.A. McKaw, 
Nursing Manager
South Africa 

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ACT statistics across program years

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