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the power of applied compassion 

“While we all have ideas about how we want to change the world, it's through ACT’s principles and practices of Applied Compassion, the unique journey of personal development, access to evidence-based resources, community, and personal mentoring that ACT ambassadors turn their dreams and aspirations into reality.

At Stanford University's Applied Compassion Training, you'll find the tools, guidance, and global network you need to take bold action to apply compassion, make a meaningful impact in the world, and become the compassionate leader and ambassador you are destined to be!”


Dr. James Doty

founder & director of the center for
compassion and altruism research
and education (CCARE) stanford university

Sidney Cityscape

Applied Compassion Training  | 11-month Certificate Program

The Applied Compassion Training (ACT) at CCARE Stanford goes beyond theory, offering tangible, life-altering results. ACT equips participants with the tools, knowledge, skills, and experience to ignite transformative shifts in personal and professional spheres.


Drawing from Stanford’s design thinking model,  ACT prioritizes experiential learning: learning by doing. This unique learning approach prepares people to be agents of change and compassion within their workplaces, organizations, communities, and personal lives.


Participants in ACT are supported through a highly-curated process of personal transformation and professional development, while they design and deliver an

Applied Compassion Capstone Project in a setting of their choice.

Becoming certified by CCARE at Stanford University as a Compassion Leader and Ambassador

is an unparalleled opportunity to gain the credibility, influence, evidence-based resources, skills, global network, and confidence you need to make a meaningful difference in the world!

ACT graduates share their passion for the program

Applied Compassion Training | CCARE Stanford University
h Live Online Certificate Program  

ACT Program Components

An 11-month high-touch, experiential training in Applied Compassion

A foundation of the ACT training are the experiential processes and practices of compassion that participants apply to themselves, others, and to the environments in which they work and live.


A Global Network of Compassion

ACT is a highly-engaged community of inspiring professionals from around the world with a shared commitment of compassionate action. The ACT community comes together regularly in-person online during the course of the 11-month program, and continue as members in the global ACT community of Alumni afterwards. 

Three 3-Day Virtual Immersive Retreats

Retreat #1 | January 26-28, 2024 | Becoming an Ambassador of Applied Compassion 

Retreat #2 | July 19-21, 2024 | Compassionate Coaching, Communication & Facilitation 

Retreat #3 | November 1-3, 2024 Applied Compassion in Action, Capstone Presentations & Certification Ceremony


ACT Mentoring Program 

  • Each participant in ACT is part of a smaller mentoring group that meets monthly with an ACT Director

  • Each participant is part of a Capstone Team that contributes to the design and development of the individual's Capstone Project​

  • Each participant has a personal 1:1 ACT mentor to guide them through their ACT journey and support them as they design, develop, and deliver their Capstone Project in the world.

Monthly Teaching Modules 

  • February 8 : Mindfulness in the Service of Compassion © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder

  • March 7 : Triggers: A Skillful Recognition and Response © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

  • April 4: Resiliency and Compassion © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

  • May 2: Designing Systems that are Compassionate © with Dr. Monica Worline, CCARE   

  • June 6: The Neuroscience of Compassion 

  • August 1:  Compassionate Forgiveness © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

  • September 5: Compassionate Action in the World © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder  

  • October 3: Harvesting the Gems © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

Monthly Practice Modules

  • February 16 : Mindfulness Practice Module © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder

  • March 15 : Triggers Practice Module © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

  • April 12: Resiliency Practice Module © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

  • May 10: Designing Systems Practice Module © with ACT Founders

  • June 14: The Neuroscience of Compassion Practice Module

  • August 9: Forgiveness Practice Module © with Neelama Eyres, ACT Founder

  • September 13: Compassionate Action Practice Module © with Robert Cusick, ACT Founder  

  • October 11: Harvesting the Gems Practice Module © with Monica Hanson, ACT Founder

An Applied Compassion Capstone Project | Making a Difference in the World

A defining component of the ACT program is the compassionate incubator that is created. During the program, each participant is guided through a process that supports the design and delivery of an Applied Compassion Capstone Project in a real-world setting of their choice. This could be a classroom, an office, a system, or a community or volunteer setting. Capstone Projects come in all different shapes and sizes across a wide-range of industries. In ACT, every Capstone Project is valued, celebrated, and recognized as making an important contribution in the world! 


"At Microsoft, we’ve adopted a set of management principles to promote compassion in the workplace. The ACT program gave me the skills needed to apply compassion in the corporate arena and helped me to grow as a leader. By fostering an environment of compassion and empathy, we are creating a workplace that is more productive, more joyful, and more gratifying for everyone.”

Lisa Polloni
Senior Director of Communications

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