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ACT Program Statistics 

  • ACT is a global program and international network of compassion leaders

  • 450 people from 40 + countries have participated ​in ACT

  • 98.4% of Participants Complete the Program 

  • 98% of Participants said their participation in ACT resulted in positive changes in their professional and personal life 

  • 97% of Participants said their Capstone Project enabled them to apply compassion in real-time in their targeted settings 

  • Participants in ACT come from organizations like Google, Yale University, Salesforce, Stanford Hospital, VMware, AstraZeneca, Netcare, AmeriCorps, Genentech, The European Commission, Texas Medical Center, and more!

  • Hundreds of ACT Compassion Projects have been implemented around the world in companies, institutions, educational and community settings, and virtually through online workshops, podcasts and interactive trainings.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted the ripple effect of compassion made possible by ACT at CCARE Stanford University​​


What CCARE Stanford ACT graduates are saying...


"No words can express the impact of the ACT program on how I've been able to better care for my patients, my trainees, my colleagues, and myself. I have learned to embody compassion in my practice and my daily life." 

Al'ai Alvarez, MD,  
Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Program Chair, EM,
Stanford University School of Medicine | USA


"Being a part of ACT has been a life-changing experience for me, and the best part has been meeting people from all over the world with the same intention to be ambassadors of compassion in so many different spheres."

Dr. Pitsi Kewana
Clinician Engagement Manager
netcare health system | Johannesburg, South Africa


“ACT is the best personal and professional development program

I have experienced.”  

Jeff Jacobs,
Organizational Effectiveness



"The ACT faculty, training, teachings, the wonderful projects, and my cohort were the push I needed to spread compassion."

Sandra Sanabria Bohórquez

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real people  |  real projects |  real impact

Alandou_portrait (2019_05_24 17_48_51 UT

"Participating in ACT transformed the way I interact with myself and others. Building my Capstone Project helped me be an Ambassador of Applied Compassion by teaching me the necessity for action and what it means to lead by example." 

Nelly Alandou
Capstone Project: Compassionate Art Engagement | USA


"The biggest impact of the ACT Training is how aware I am of the opportunities to be compassionate- at home, at work, at the coffee shop, etc. I now start my day with a practice that includes setting my intentions around being an Ambassador of Compassion and actively choosing an action that reflects who I truly am!" 

ratnesh sharma
Director, Velocloud Partner and Distribution, VMWARE


Sharee Johnson
Psychologist, Coach
Meditation Teacher & Author

Victoria, Australia

The capstone project helped me develop a compassion workshop specifically focused on self care for doctors who feel burned out. ACT has encouraged me to keep generating experiments that apply compassion and notice the impact." 


Daillen Culver 
Co-Founder of BeDo  Edinburgh, Scotland

"Wow, my Capstone Project really pushed me to walk the walk. My own understanding of compassion has evolved, grown, and been enriched by the perspectives of my ACT colleagues."

Matron _edited_edited.jpg

"My Capstone Project allowed me to forgive those who have hurt me in the past and to move forward. It gave me the opportunity to develop a better relationship with my staff and myself."

Sarah. C.A. McKaw, 
Nursing Manager
South Africa 

Headshot (3).jpg

"My ACT Capstone Project allowed me to tap deeply into
my own history and heart to understand the ways I’m uniquely situated to benefit my community. It required me to move beyond ideas about compassion to embodied, relational practice

David Hlebain, MSW
Seattle, Washington, USA

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