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ACT 2020 Featured Capstone:

The (Corona) Compassion Community Netherlands

Barbara Piper-Roelofs

Founder, Be Rooted & Co-founder cooperative Compassionate Care and

Mindful Medicine the Netherlands & Global Online

74 Consecutive Days and 3,500 Participants




Describe Your Capstone Project.

Starting March 15, 2020, the 'Corona Compassion Community Netherlands' offered daily meditations for Health Care professionals as a response to the pressures of COVID-19 on our HC system. Our team of experienced Compassion and Mindfulness Professionals offers a format of 4 core elements:
           • A routine 7 days a week, giving support when needed
           • Focus on guided meditations, not on explaining and teaching
           • At the end of the meditations we considered how the meditation of that           

               evening, could support professionals in their work environment on the             

               following day
           • 5 styles offered variation and choice
We continued in this format for 74 days with a total of 3,500 participants. The average number of 50 participants per night and a maximum of 100 persons.

Describe Its Impact.

"Because a daily moment of calm is good for the body. The stronger I am, the more I can support my team through this crisis." (Medical technologist)

Our most valuable feedback: During the polls taken, over 80% of people were feeling peaceful and inner calm after the meditations and an average of approximately 75% found that these daily meditations had a positive effect on their professional practice and day-to-day. Most people were satisfied and indicated that the chosen format worked for them. Some people indicated that more silence during the guided meditations would be appreciated. People have let us know they would appreciate a continuation of these daily meditations and we are now continuing as the International Compassion Community. 


How has the ACT Program helped you become an Ambassador of Compassion?

"The ACT Training has prepared me to become a motivating force for embodying compassion and applying it in real-world situations -in my own way. ACT has given me a theoretical, as well as a practical framework of principles, resources, and tools that allow me to feel confident, empowered, and ready to ACT as a Global Ambassador of Applied Compassion."

What advice would you give to someone who's considering registering for the ACT Program?

Because of the intensity and richness of the program, I now find that compassion is an integral part of all my work and personal life. I am able to find resilience in my inner world and try to find the compassionate way in any situation. It has made me more Response-Able in a complete way and I am super grateful for my teachers and mentor.


Be the change!

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