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ACT 2021 Featured Capstone:

Wholeness & Purpose – Women In Leadership

Pinuccia Contino

Manager and Regulator, European Commission – Brussels, Belgium



Who did your Capstone Project serve ?
I developed my Capstone Project as a new module for the Women Talent Pool Leadership Program. This program is offered every year by WIL, the European Network for Women in Leadership, to a cohort of around 50 young female leaders.

What was the suffering that your project addressed?
I wished to alleviate the suffering of young women working in competitive settings in Europe and striving to find a difficult balance between career advancement and family life. This often results in feelings of guilt and shame of not being enough and not doing the right thing.

How did this project address that suffering?
My Capstone project addressed that suffering by offering the participants a deep dive into common humanity, humility, loving-kindness and compassion. By sharing this journey with them through meditation, reflection in small groups and discussion, I aimed to help them feel connected with their whole self, curious about the path of compassion, more attuned to their life purpose.

Who was your audience and how many people participated? 
My audience was comprised of 49 female talents identified by WIL to take part in the 6th Women Talent Pool Leadership Programme (2021/2022). There were thirty talents, based in several European countries and holding key positions either in the private or public sector.

How was the project delivered (the format)? 
I delivered the two sessions of the project online. I made use of music to introduce each session, breakout rooms for the participants to share their experiences in small groups, and meditation practices. Word clouds, chat falls and discussion in plenary were also part of the format.

What was the reported impact on or feedback from participants? 
The feedback from participants was overall very positive. Just after the second session one of the participants published the following post on LinkedIn: "Today I attended the Wholeness and Purpose workshop arranged by the European Network for Women in Leadership for the 6th Talent Program which I participate in 2021 - 2022. And what a workshop it was! From Monday stress to a peaceful state of mind, with insights about myself, self-kindness and my true goals, as a personal reward. All weeks should start like this. Thank you, Pinuccia Contino and WIL Team."

How has the ACT Program helped you become an Ambassador of Compassion? 
I now feel part of a wonderful community embracing the entire world. ACT unlocked my capacity to connect with the wonderful part of everybody — this is something I certainly needed to become an Ambassador of Compassion.

What advice would you give to someone who's considering participating in the ACT Program? 
Go for it, and don’t be scared by the ambition of the program: you will learn what you need and give back what you can, which is what you are meant for.



Be the change!

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